April Event & Workshop


April Educational Event & Workshop
Workplace Violence & Active Shooter
It's About You, Your Management & Your People

Person pulling a gun out from behind their back

Picture of a building clouded by smog
pictures compliments of 911 Consulting

BONUS Workshop following Breakfast presentation
17 Mistakes in Emergency Plans and How to Correct Them.


Bo Mitchell, 911 Consulting

Any employer is 18 times more likely to experience workplace violence (WPV) than a
fire at work. We deploy fire preventions systems in every facility. Yet the vast majority of employers don’t do anything about WPV. Sure, your management has a WPV policy. They’re against it. But, there are no prevention protocols; no reporting procedures; no response procedures; no team created and deployed to command and control response; no training of employees. There has been a sharp spike in Active Shooter incidents, 70% of which occur in businesses versus campuses. There are standards and law re every employer’s responsibility to protect and respond to WPV and how you are supposed to train employees

This presentation focuses on the CFM comptency of Emergency Preparedness and is equal to 1 CFM Maintenance Point.  The presentation & Workshop equal 3 CFM maintenance points.

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