Letter from our IFMA Orlando President

From your Chapter President

Dear All,


I hope this note finds all of you safe and healthy. Thursday, April 23, we were fortunate to have three of our members, David Dunn, Chris Solomon, and Dean Cousins (all CFMs) virtually provide us their Facility Management perspective on the current COVID-19 impact to local government operations.  They have kindly agreed to again virtually return next Thursday (May 7th - starting at 11:30 am.) to provide an update and expand discussion to our associates that have been impacted by or are providing specific services in response to COVID-19; especially as we begin to return to the workplace.  For a list of our associates that are in fact providing targeted services please check out the list on our webpage www.ifmaorlando.org main page for information.  Please plan to join us.  Additionally, IFMA International heaquarters has numerous resources for members use, including the Engage Forum, Targeted Webinars, etc.  Go to www.ifma.org) to find these resources.


I started off wishing that all of us are safe and healthy. However, if you have been quarantined without pay; laid off, etc. and need some assistance in locating work, updating your resume, obtaining financial aid for extending your membership, or just a friendly voice that understands your situation; PLEASE reach out to us.  Your chapter is here to assist you, wherever possible.  For example, we will work for you with IFMA HQ to get you on a payment plan (quarterly payments) OR issue you a onetime chapter scholarship. You are an asset to our chapter, and we don’t want to lose your knowledge or skills during this stressful economic time.  Likewise, as soon as the quarantine is lifted, our social committee is eager to get us all networking again.  These networking and other Chapter gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to hear industry news, job openings, and to provide or receive support from your peers.


Finally, on a personal note, as a federal employee, I have not been affected economically (yet).  God continues to bless me and my family.  If this were to change, I pray that my friends and IFMA family would be there to aid and support me.  We are here for you (and your family) if you need us.  Please contact me or Renee Perrin if there is anything we can do for you. No questions asked.




Renee’ Ponik

IFMA Orlando President




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