October 28, 2016

Featured Event

November 17, 2016

Building a Robust Preventative Maintenance Program
Guest Presenter: Jon Rimer, CFM, IFMA Certified Instructor

NOTE: One week earlier due to Thanksgiving holiday


Calendar of Events

November Event-Building a robust Preventative Maintenance program

Dec Event-End of Year Celebration

CFM Exam Workshop Plus
1/27 & 28/2017

Associate Members: Are You Getting ROI from IFMA?

In order to really get the most out of your membership to build relationships with Facility managers or other associate members, please be sure you are doing the following:

1-Keep your profile up to date with the products and services you provide including your picture

2-Be sure to attend as many events as possible.  The more people see your face, the more they remember you

3- Get involved in the association.  This may be joining a committee, sponsoring an event, or simply volunteering to sell raffle tickets at an event

4-Invite Facility manager clients to an IFMA event.  All prospective FM members are free for two events. 

This Week's News-Things to Know

What You Might have Missed!

Roundtable Discussions on HOT Topics (October 27)

Cheryl Ronan taking notes and Shawn McClure leading
discussion on Workplace and Office Environments
Dinah King taking notes and Leah Palmer leading discussion on Emergency Preparedness
Here's what some members had to say...

"I enjoyed it, I met new people I wouldn’t have otherwise.  We need to tap into the expertise of those in the chapter" 
 "I enjoyed the meeting. I would like to see more of them in the future. I believe they will grow and progress as they are held."
Everyone in attendance will get the compilation of all the comments and info once it is completed. 


What's In It for Members....

CFM Study Sessions-starting 10/18 and
CFM Review workshop Jan 2017
.  This group will meet Tuesday nights for 6 weeks and will end with a CFM 2 Day prep workshop January 27 and 28, 2017 (Fri/Sat). Please contact Kathy Nelson, CFM about study group. For class details/registration for the class: CFM Review Workshop

Scholarship money-Want to get your credential, attend an IFMA conference but don't have the funds?  Then apply for a scholarship from your chapter.  Scholarships

Job resources-Looking for job? Know of someone needing to fill a job? We have links to FM jobs in your own backyard and also across the country.  We also can post a job.
Career Resources

Member Directory-YOU have access to our entire directory of members.  If you are an Associate, be sure to update your company profile so when members search for services, your company comes up. Member directory log in


Exciting Member News

Let us know if you have exciting news...new position, new baby, award...
IFMA Orlando Weekly Update - October 28, 2016
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