March 3, 2017

Featured Events

March 23 
Spring Wing Fling
Not a Wine Tasting but a Wing Tasting event

-many wings to try
-Prizes for many lucky winners
-Billiards and other pub games

Thank you to our first sponsor Sterling Building Services (Cesar Bermudez)

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Calendar of Events Import

March social event-Spring Wing Fling

Education Day & Reverse Trade Show

National Rebuilding Together Day
4/29/2017 (Saturday)

This Week's News-Things to Know

  Surviving the FM Jungle
Education Day/Reverse Trade Show
April 26, 2017 (Wednesday)

Knowledge/Networking to navigate! Keynote speaker from Survivor to inspire!

FREE to Facility managers!

Associates/Vendors:  Get in on a great sponsorship deal...BOGO!..
Get two events for the price of one sponsorship (April and March events)

Any member interested in serving on a short term project, this event planning team could use your help  please email Darlene King, CFM.  

Profits from this event go to scholarships for members to get crendentials, attend World Workplace or Facility Fusion!



WIIFM-(What's In It For Members?)

What's In It for Members....

Job resources-Looking for job? Know of someone needing to fill a job? We have links to FM jobs in your own backyard and also across the country.  We also can post a job.

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IFMA Orlando Weekly Update - March 3, 2017
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