January 31, 2018

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February 22, 2018

What's Up Orlando?
An Economic Update & how 
it Effects YOU



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WIIFM-(What's In It For Members?)

What's In It for Members....

Job resources-

Looking for job? Know of someone needing to fill a job? We have links to FM jobs in your own backyard and also across the country.  We also can post a job. 
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Member Directory-YOU have access to our entire directory of members.  If you are an Associate, be sure to update your company profile so when members search for services, your company comes up. Member directory log in,  

Calendar of Events Import

Feb 22, 2018-What's Up Orlando?  
Economic Update

March 29, 2018-Surviving an OSHA Audit


Welcome NEW Members

The following Members joined over the last 4 months!
Barbara McNulty Pro Clean Building Maintenance
Mike Kneip Sailfish Point POA.
Nickalaus Pagan ACP Facility Services Inc
Kayla Dang GMI Group, Inc.
Mark Cray Applied Global Technologies, LLC.
Jordan Hall Orlando Utilites Commission
Tony Connery The Garland Company
Kate Szymanski Titan Electric Southeast
Delmus Peschel BMS CAT, Inc.
Chiara Clatterbuck ZIO
Jerad Purvis City of Tavares
Charles Papa Martin Health System
Sonny Acevedo Stockton Maintenance Group
William Stewart B.O.S technology INC.
John Ames Orange County Clerk of Courts
Scott Claflin Walt Disney World
Lance Glaab Embraer Exec Aircraft
Dean Anderson United Fire Protection, Inc.
Michelle Lippai Driveway Maintenance
Harrison Hickinbotham Enterprise Rent -A- Car
David Beckner Enterprise Rent a Car
James Furio St. Johns Air
Matthew Weber Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Alex Saxon Trane
Steve Wilkerson Kennedy Space Center
Sam Spence Kennedy Space Center
David Price Kennedy Space Center

Associates: Are you part of the 30%?

As of today's date, only 30% of our Associate members have their membership/company profile completed on our website database. 

Why should  you care?  Because if you have not completed your profile, members cannot look up your company for services, they do not know what you look like to see you at an event, and most of all, how to reach you.

Log in and update!!


Exciting Member News

Make a difference for you chapter and YOU!  Isn't it time to get more ROI on your IFMA membership investment?  You can do this by just making a few calls per month, planning a social event, or welcoming new members at functions.  Many only require only one or two hours a month!  Check out our Join our committee page and be more than just a face in the crowd...
IFMA Orlando Weekly Update - January 31, 2018
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