March 20, 2020

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March 26, 2020
Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll
The FM Role in HR Actions


Presenter:  Renee Ponik, CFM



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Excellent article on 6 Verbs that Make You Sound Weak  Thank you Amie Erickson, CFM for submitting!

Working from Home Survival Tips

Tyler Irby, Royal Cup Inc.

Hey friends - for those of you getting prepped to work from home, here’s some friendly advice from my experience (albeit being in sales, I am fortunate that I’m in the field 2-3 days a week too). But on those days in the home office, these help me.

Rule #1. GET DRESSED LIKE YOU DO FOR WORK! Lounging in your PJs will NOT motivate you. At the very least change out of your PJs. Promise it helps. You’ll feel better talking to colleagues/clients too. And if you are on a video call if will be appreciated.

Rule #2 Stay OUT of the pantry! With snacks/drinks close by you’ll find yourself grabbing a little of this and a little of that. Don’t - or at least make it healthy.

Rule #3. Take the lunch break. Read your Bible. Go outside. Play a app on your phone. Just make sure to take that break. It’s needed and you’ll feel refreshed for the second half of your day.

Hope that helps!!!

IFMA Resources for Coronavirus

Get up to date information and helpful guidance from IFMA!!
Corona Virus Resource Center

Are you having major FM issues with Corona Virus?  If so, we want to hear from you at our April Program.  Please contact Anthony Koscielecki or Jim Connell (Program Chairs). 

Florida Facilities Summit 2020-only $150 for FMS to attend


Register now for the Florida Facilities Summit 2020 on August 5-7, 2020 at the UCF School of Hospitality on Universal Drive (near I Drive).  All Florida IFMA chapters will be participating (Jacksonville, Suncoast, South Florida and Orlando) in this two day event filled with education and networking without having to travel far. 

Registration and more details 

Sponsorships are still available!  How about sponsoring a busload of people to NASA tour? Sponsoring a lunch event? 

Thank you to the following IFMA Associates who are already sponsoring this event.    Royal Cup Coffee & Beverages, Yellowstone Landscaping, Rapid Response Team, I CON, Mohawk Industries, Naturally Green, American Security, and Tecta America, Landcare, PNS Group, and Cubix, Inc.

Sponsorships  (After March 31, sponsorships will be open to non members so secure yours now!)

Conference Schedule


Show What You Know...Become a Speaker the Florida Facility Summit

All Four Florida IFMA chapters will be hosting a the Florida Facility Summit on August 5-7, 2020 at the Rosen School of Hospitality on International Drive in Orlando.  The committee is busy planning this conference to bring the best education and networking specialized for the Florida FM!  We have talented FMs in our membership and would like for you to consider being a presenter in August.  Please consider this great opportunity.  Call for presentations


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