June 9, 2020

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June Event
June 18, 2020 (note date
change from previous notification

Cost Savings in
the COVID Environment

Panel Presenters:
Sheila Cribb-Bank of America  (moderator)
Loretta Hartley-PGA Tour
Kathy Womack-Gro Dev/YMCA
Lisa Cloud-Kelly, CFM-JLL
More to come!

All Florida Chapter
Event- All Chapters invited




Calendar of Events Import

June 9-IFMA Orlando Board meeting

June 18-Cost Savings in the COVID environment
(Hosted by IFMA Jacksonville-All chapters invited)

June 24-Happy Hour-Being Social in person
while distancing! Details coming soon

September 15 & 16, 2020-Advocacy Day 
Washington, DC

September 30-Oct 2, 2020-
IFMA World Workplace-Chicago  


Just for Fun-we need it

Check out this great video!!

Did you know that June 26 is Take your Dog to Work Day?  With many working remotely, this is a Really easy task!  Send us a pic of your working buddy and we will post on June 26th.  
IFMA Orlando office Canine Co- worker (Pumpkin)

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FREE Templates on All things about returning to clean workplace


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FREE OSHA Training  Here are SOME of their offerings that are FREE due to a Federal Grant. More Info

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Looking for job? Know of someone needing to fill a job? We have links to FM jobs in your own backyard and also across the country.  We also can post a job. 
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Healthy HVAC Hints

Submitted by IFMA member, Steve Dobbins

Healthy HVAC and reopening your building
IFMA Orlando Weekly Update - June 9, 2020
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